Why You Should NEVER Try “Quick fixes” To Lose Weight

This might seem old for a personal trainer to say but hear me out. When most people decide they want to lose weight, they look for things that will help them lose weight such as supplements, pills, fad diets, etc. Often times, these “quick fixes” as I call them, do not emphasize changing people’s eating, exercise and lifestyle habits.

Most of these supplements, pills, and diets are advertised as the only thing needed to lose weight and get healthy. They may work when you first start them but after a while you burn out because it is not a healthy, maintainable lifestyle and the weight you lost is more lean body tissue and less fat than you hoped to lose. People who are constantly trying to lose weight have tried many different fads and have failed which may have resulted in greater weight gain. Those that are constantly losing and re-gaining weight are unhealthier than those who remain at a constant weight. Also, many people do not seem to realize that these magic products and miracle diets are NOT meant to help you become healthier; they are only aimed at weight loss.

Now when you commit to a lifestyle change by changing your eating habits, exercising regularly, sleeping 7-9 hours a night and avoid unhealthy behaviors like drinking and drug use, your life will begin to improve dramatically. You will feel better and have steady energy levels throughout the day. Your blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels, waistline, and cholesterol levels will begin to drop. In addition to those things dropping, you will end up losing weight because you have more energy and are able to push yourself harder and harder with each workout!

Now, it is not easy to live a healthy lifestyle because it does require some sacrifice. You will have to sacrifice your favorite foods, TV/Computer time, and you will have to spend more time tracking calories and getting in your workouts. Change is always difficult at first but I promise that it is worth it and you won’t want to go back once you start feeling the difference. It is never easy to do alone and starting off is the most difficult part, so hire a qualified, experienced personal trainer to help you start!

It is easy to make mistakes if you are not properly educated on what you should be doing and the last thing you want is to suffer an early set-back from trying to do too much too soon. Once you change your mindset to living a healthy lifestyle instead of losing weight, you will start noticing the difference!

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